Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Painting a Hair Salon

When painting a business, you must consider practical factors, the image you want to present, and the colours your company may already be committed to--all this before you think about your favourite colours.

For a hair salon, a washable paint that will tolerate humidity and the chemicals used in the salon is a must. A scrubbable wallpaper or tile might even be the way to go. This doesn't have to be a matter of guesswork. Paints are tested for scrubbability and other performance factors, and your professional painter or decorator can help you choose the right formulation. Just make sure that you let us know the purpose you have in mind for the room. If you're kitting out a new salon and we'll be painting an empty room, we might not foresee that you'll have shampoo sinks all along a wall.

When it comes to colours, consider choosing coral shades; they're flattering to most skin tones, so your customers are more likely to be happy with their results.

Periwinkle is another shade that is kind to most complexions. White and black may give your shop a dramatic look, but many of your customers will look older and less attractive against those colours, so they may be a poor choice for a salon.

If you have male and female customers, you might also think about greens. Sharp, acidic greens are trendy right now, but greyed or neutral greens are a better background for skin and hair tones.

Does this mean that you have to play it safe with pastels in your decorating? By no means. Use more daring colours for trim, for the waiting room (it's okay if customrrs are unsatisfied before their appointments, right?) and for any areas of the salon that don't show in the mirrors.

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