Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Paint Technology: Luminescent Paint

We at Courtney & Wise specialise in high-end residential and business painting, and we have won honors for our heritage painting, but we still like to keep you up to the minute on new developments in paint technology.

At the moment, the excitement is electroluminescent paint.

Lumilor, or LumiLor Electroluminescent Coating System, isn't just a can of paint, and you can't just brush it onto your walls and be rewarded with a light show. It involves five layers of different materials, each of which must be sprayed onto the surface by hand.

The resultant coating is less than three mils thick. It can be connected with a power inverter and battery, and then can be configured with a drive not just to glow, but to strobe and flash in a desired pattern, offering the experience of an animated design.

The materials used are water-based and environmentally friendly. Lumilor can be used on wood, fabric, metal, and other surfaces, and it can be permanently applied to compound curves. Experienced painters, according to the LumiLor website, can learn the system in one work week, but it is definitely not a DIY option.

The makers of LumiLor are not shy about admitting that both the materials and the skills required to use the system make it pricey. This far, it has been used mostly in automotive applications. However, there is nothing to prevent its use in home or commercial decoration.

Connecting this technology with solar paint would have obvious advantages!

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